3 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Website for the Mobile-First Index

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It’s that time of year again . A period when we can look back over the previous year and reflect on the huge amount of change in the digital marketing sphere¬† and look forward to what’s coming. At times our expectations are wounds oblivious. Educated speculations in the event that you like. Different Informed guesses, other times, we know precisely what’s coming.

2018 will be the year of mobile. While a considerable lot of us have been ‘mobile’ for quite a while, changing to responsive sites or setting up particular sites, 2018 is the year that things are extremely going to kick off.

What is the mobile-first index?

Currently, Google uses your desktop content to rank your website on both desktop and mobile. Whilst you may benefit from having a faster site on mobile and of course, having a mobile-friendly site, your rankings are still predominantly based on your desktop content.

With the increase in the number of individuals getting to the web by means of a mobile phones(overtaking desktop for the first time), Google has chosen it makes more sense to base your rankings off your mobile content.

3 tips for optimising your site for the mobile-first index

  1. Site Speed

When it comes to conversions and overall user experience (UX), we suggest beginning with your website speed, particularly focussing on mobile.

  1. Dealing with your substance for versatile

The content you convey to clients on a mobile phone will be significant to your rankings. Regardless of whether you have a different site or you demonstrate different content to mobile users on a responsive website, you have to direct an exhaustive review of both your desktop and mobile content to recognize any missing gaps.

  1. Client Experience Focus

The move to a mobile first index is driven by Google’s desire to improve the mobile web a better place. It’s just fine companies saying they are ‘mobile friendly’ and that plans are improved the situation mobile first and desktop second,however the reality at the moment is that most of us still work the way we have always worked; design a new site/page on desktop and then to modify for mobile.

More of your clients are using a mobile phone to get to your content. The move to the mobile first index should change all our thinking. This should start with an entire review of the user experience on your website on a mobile device.

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