Imagine a world without the internet, how you feel, scary isn’t it? This question could have made no sense if it was five decades before. But today everything we do, everything we see, everything we use has to do with internet at some extent, you just can’t ignore the importance of it and contrary to this not all of us can fully use it. Recognizing the importance of the subject, there were things made for the purpose. HTML 5 “Hyper Text Mark-up Language” 5 is an upgraded version of HTML. The language is a script that is meant for digitally smart devices and is normally emerged due to the need of programming in Computers. The basics have been pretty clear and HTML is the only foundation of any web development. The plot for generating any web page is HTML, and is an heir of the modern web technology. Now when you see things so differently, there is never a chance to miss the importance of this scripting language.

html5 web design and development

Things like E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing and Search engines could have never been exist, but thanks to HTML 5 that we have so much to keep our life better. The script mainly consists of special symbols and texts. The generation of web pages in HTML is a process involving syntax and characters. There is a lot of up gradation in HTML5 with respect to other versions of this scripting language. With better resources, the language proved out to be very handy for new programmers and surely became everyone’s favorite.

Rich Features of HTML 5

So now here we will discuss latest and much needed features of HTML5 that really proved to be ac-knowledgeable.

HTML5 provided a platform to carry out bundles of work on a single place. Today everyone wants a website that has good interactive features, media files and visual animations. But before HTML5 it was all done by installing plug-ins, flash and Java files, which in turn used to take a lot of time to develop and needed much more complex designing abilities. HTML5 offers the benefits of embedding media files directly into the HTML document, making it much easier and less complex to develop.

This language gave programmers a freedom to reduce the size of the HTML file, by providing enhanced semantic rules. Now coders could remove a lot of “div” tags and replace them with HTML5 tags.

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