Sky Digital World boasts one of the top pay-per-click (PPC) programs for India, USA UK Australia. Each campaign we manage is unique, but most fall into one of three broad categories: Click-Driven Campaigns, CPA-Driven Campaigns, and ROI-Driven Campaigns. A click-driven campaign is best for businesses that can’t track conversions, or if they can, they’re too sparse and irregular to rely on for any campaign decision making.

A click-driven strategy focuses on maximizing the number of clicks received for every dollar spent on advertising. The goal is to increase the number of clicks to a website without increasing ad spend. As website traffic increases, businesses then have more opportunities to convert visitors.

What We Do?

Complete PPC Work as following

 Initial Research

  • Competitor Analysis and Market Research .
  • Complete Website Analysis.
  • Keyword Research & Selection.
  • Make a better strategy.
  • Ads Group Creation
  • Text  Ads creation
  • Display Banner Ads Creation
  • Mobile Ads Creation
  • Video Ads (client need to have video ready)
  • Product Listings Ads (PLA) for Ecommerce Websites
  • Dynamic Ads Creation


  • Will Provide Easy to Understand Report (Weekly / Monthly)
  • Will Guide on How Client Can See Important Reports

Account & Campaign Setup

  • Creation of Adwords/PPC Account (if not already registered)
  • Designing Campaign Structure.

Campaign Creation

  • Search Campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Mobile Campaign
  • Video Campaign
  • Product Ads Campaign

 Budget Allocation

  • Strategic Geographical Targeting and Ad Scheduling
  • Advanced Tracking setup using Google Analytics
  • Conversion tracking setup to measure leads & sales
  • Use Advanced Ad Grouping techniques to Increase Relevan


Regular Optimisation

  • Ensure on-going keyword research and trend study for new keyword additions
  • Drafting Effective Ad Text Using Tested Best Practices
  • Careful and Complete Negative Keyword Selection and Implementation
  • Proactive deletion of poor keywords and negative keyword management
  • On-going ads performance analysis and A/B testing
  • Bid Optimization to get maximum ROI
  • Ensure continued Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Choose the Right Cost per Click and Budget Options based on Market Competition and Advertiser Budget
  • Careful analysis of all metrics to get maximum quality clicks and improved Return
  • Landing Page review and optimization

Our PPC Pricing

  • PPC setup for a small website including up to 60 keywords, 10 Ad groups, and 20 adverts = $475
  • PPC setup for medium sized web sites up to 100 keywords, 20 Ad groups, and 40 adverts = $815
  • PPC setup for large and corporate web sites up to 150 keywords, 30 Ad groups, and 100 adverts = $1,358.


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