Domain RegistrationRegistration of domain is an important part of your website and web hosting. Your domain name gives your website an ID that identifies your website on the “world wide web” (www). It is very important to have a unique domain name with keyword featuring your website.

Every minute internet users are expanding but good, short domain names are shrinking very fast, so it is good and advisable to register domain with us quickly even if you intent to use it later for website through “Domain parking service” we offer. Owning a domain name is not free, you have to pay a registration fee along with yearly pay and its pricing vary between different web host providers.

SKY DIGITAL WORLD provide you best deals on domain registration 24×7 and its registration takes only couple of minutes. TLD’s (top level domain) like .com for commercial purpose, .org for organizations, .net, .biz are available at lowest price as compared to other web hosting providers.

domain nameRegion Specific Domain’s like .in for India, .us for United States of America, .eu for Europe, .au for Australia and many more.

Custom Domains .guru, .tv, .tech, .food, .io, are becoming very popular these days and only reason behind is the ending like guru or food clearly describes the website purpose and availability of all your favourite domain names are available like-, which is usually not available under .com, .org or others.

 Transfer of domains

If you already have domain name, and you are not happy with your current web host provider. You can always transfer your web domain to us, we will help you step by step with better services and offers at no additional cost.

 Premium domains

are those domains names which are already registered domain name but not in use i.e. no website is using it currently that domain name instead somebody registered it, and have no intentions of using it for himself in the future. For e.g. is registered to person A, but he is not interested in using it and you desire to use the same. We help you get these premium domain at very reasonable and low price.

 Bulk Domain registration Bulk domain registration is excellent choice as we offer great discounts if you registering bulk domain from us. Smart people often register for bulk domain, there intention is not to use for themselves but to sell it to others. Yes they smartly choose key words which make an excellent name for a website and when a person comes to buy they charge little more than usual for the same domain name.

 Help me find a right domain name!

If you are not sure or confused about choosing right domain name/understand any process for your personal website or for your business we help you just call us on 0731-4247846 or email at We will provide you with free consultation as per your convenience.

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