SKY DIGITAL WORLD is a reputed IT company in providing robust and scalable Web Hosting Services. Our deliverance of service is marked by uninterrupted 24×7 hosting service, with secure and reliable server and up-to-date software. Our experienced team is dedicated to provide solutions to our clients any time anywhere based on our specific expertise in web hosting services.

What is Web Hostingweb hosting

If you are confused about web hosting here is what you need to know Web Hosting is a specialized service offered by a company through which storage space and website access on a server is provided through internet connection.

Robust, scalable and backup of your data assured with us.

When we say robust it means your website, file, other services offered by us available to you 24x7x365 i.e. all the time 99.9%. Scalable means resources like storage space, bandwidth, RAM could be increased or decreased as per requirement any time. Not only this we also ensure that your data remains safe and available whenever you want, with auto backup whenever-whatever changes is made and provide high level encryption to your data.

What type of Web Hosting offered by SKY DIGITAL WORLD?

File Hosting

File hosting service is designed to host users file on web hosts, servers. File hosting service allows users to upload files and access them over internet from different computers, tablet, and smartphone at any location. These files are generally accessed using HTTP or FTP. File hosting service is usually good for virtual storage and remote backup of data.

Image hosting

Image hosting is similar to file hosting. Generally people use this service to store their digital photos of their wedding, birthday parties, family hangouts etc. And professionally preferred by website owners. After uploading images, it is encoded which can be embedded in HTML and used on their website saving their website space storage along with bandwidth.

Most often storage space is limited in free account, but even premium accounts are affordable, and there is no hassle to manage and maintain servers.

Email Hosting

Email hosting service is for demanding email users, small, or mid-sized businesses to meet there need like extra storage space, security, custom domain name, for e.g., here fashion is custom domain name of company. And then there are possibly people who want send too many email every day for marketing or promotional emails. Also access to email service is also available through POP3 and IMAP protocols.

Video Hosting

Video hosting service related with video storing and streaming online. Videos clips to full length movies can be stored. Good reason is to store is that all of your video collection can be stored in one location without any worry of data loss. It saves bandwidth and hosting cost. Video hosting give the freedoms of easy sharing of videos on other websites or other platforms with the help of embedded link.

Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is the latest of computing world, it’s based on cloud computing concept and acknowledged in recent years for its performance and low cost of deployment. Cloud hosting is done on virtual servers. It allows number of machine act as a single machine. Major benefits of using it is, highly reliable and secure, it cuts cost of hardware and only charged for use of its actual bandwidth and other resources consumed in cloud hosting.

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